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On September 7, 2010, at 2:10 A.M. here in Baltimore, I sent the very first message. All of the Turner Broadcasting System people and shows who are listed here were individually sent the message by E-Mail. More to come, so check back periodically.

Here are the links back to my message and the six different list categories:
The Exact Copy Of My Message Being Sent To Everyone

The Page With The Links To Six Different Lists

If you are looking for yourself, someone else, your company, some department, or some specific word or words, using the "FIND" feature that I think every web page has makes it very easy.


Phil Kent (Chairman and CEO)

Andrew T. Heller (Vice Chairman)

John E. Kamphe (Executive Vice President and CFO)

Louise Sams (Executive Vice President and General Counsel, TBS, Inc. and President, TBS International)

Kelly Regal (Executive Vice President)

Jim McCaffrey (Executive Vice President, Operations and Strategy and Chief Strategy Officer)

David Levy (President, Sales, Distribution and Sports)

Jim Walton (President, CNN Worldwide)

Steve Koonin (President, Turner Entertainment Networks)

Stuart Snyder (President, Turner Animation, Young Adults & Kids Media)

Scott Teissler (Chief Technology Officer and Chief Digital Technology Strategist)

Greg D’Alba (Chief Operating Officer, CNN Sales and Marketing)

Jack Wakshlag (Chief Research Officer)

Misty Skedgell (VP, Corporate Communications)

Carol Kirksey (Manager, Corporate Communications)

Karma Bambara (Publicist)

Sal Petruzzi (SVP of Turner Ad Sales and Turner Sports PR)

Jennifer Toner (Manager of Turner Ad Sales Public Relations)

Lauren McCabe (Manager of Cartoon Network Enterprises Public Relations)

Deborah McBride (Publicist, Turner Ad Sales Public Relations)

Katherine Wong (Assistant, Turner Ad Sales Public Relations)

More to come, so check back periodically.