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On September 7, 2010, at 2:10 A.M. here in Baltimore, I sent the very first message. All of The Baltimore Sun departments and news people who are listed here were individually sent the message by E-Mail. More to come, so check back periodically.

Here are the links back to my message and the six different list categories:
The Exact Copy Of My Message Being Sent To Everyone

The Page With The Links To Six Different Lists

If you are looking for yourself, someone else, your company, some department, or some specific word or words, using the "FIND" feature that I think every web page has makes it very easy.


Timothy E. Ryan, Publisher, President and Chief Executive Officer


Mary J. Corey, Senior Vice President / Director of Content

Triffon G. Alatzas, Head of Digital Media


Andrew A. Green, Head of Maryland Voices


Judith Berman, Senior Vice President / Marketing

Thomas F. Brown, Senior Vice President / Chief Financial Officer

Patricia M. Carroll, Senior Vice President / Targeted Media

Linda Hastings, Vice President / Advertising

Stephen G. Seidl, Senior Vice President / Operations & Technology

Timothy J. Thomas, Senior Vice President / Business Development


Mary Corey, Director of Content and Senior Vice President

Trif Alatzas, Head of digital media

Maryland News:

David Nitkin, Head of Maryland News

Ben Pillow, Deputy head of Maryland

Jennifer Badie, Education editor

Matthew Hay Brown, General assignment editor

Anica Butler, Content editor

Maryann James, Director of breaking news

Justine Maki, Content editor

Jean Marbella, Government and politics editor

Andy Rosen, Content editor

Linda Schubert, Content editor/chief makeup editor


Jessica Anderson, Breaking News/General assignment

Tricia Bishop, Federal courts

Liz Bowie, Education: state and Baltimore City

Joe Burris, Howard County education

Julie Bykowicz, Government and state politics

Scott Calvert, Enterprise

Larry Carson, Howard County government, courts and police

Justin Fenton, Baltimore City police

Nicole Fuller, Anne Arundel County government and education

Erica Green, Education reporter

Mary Gail Hare, Baltimore County and Harford County government

Peter Hermann, Crime

Raven Hill, Baltimore County government

Arthur Hirsch, Baltimore County general assignment and enterprise

Richard Irwin, Night police and blotter

Jacques Kelly, Columnist and obituaries writer

Annie Linskey, Government and state politics

Robert Little, Investigations

Nick Madigan, Baltimore County police and courts

Don Markus, Howard County police and courts

Jonathan Pitts, Harford County and suburban enterprise

Nathan Pitts, Editorial Assistant

Fred Rasmussen, Metro columnist and Obituaries

Frank Roylance, Science, weather and enterprise

Julie Scharper, City Hall reporter

Andrea F. Siegel, Anne Arundel County police and courts

Childs Walker, Higher education

Paul West, Washington correspondent


Ron Fritz, Head of Sports

Matt Bracken, Deputy sports editor

Andrew D. Knobel, Deputy sports editor

Mike Catalini, Content editor

John Coffren, Editorial assistant

Kevin Eck, Assistant sports editor

Jonathan Fogg, Content editor

Steve Gould, Assistant sports editor

Chris Korman, Content editor

Sports Reporters:

Jeff Barker, Terps and sports business

Dan Connolly, Orioles and national baseball

Kevin Cowherd, Columnist

Katherine Dunn, High schools and college women's lacrosse

Glenn Graham, High schools

Jamison Hensley, Ravens

Mike Klingaman, Colleges and general assignment

Edward L. Lee, Ravens, lacrosse and colleges

Sandra M. McKee, High schools

Ken Murray, Ravens, NFL and colleges

Mike Preston, Ravens and lacrosse

Peter Schmuck, Columnist

Candus Thomson, Outdoors, figure skating and Olympics

Kevin Van Valkenburg, Horse racing, Michael Phelps and general assignment

Jeffrey Zrebiec, Orioles and national baseball


Laura Smitherman, Head of Business

Liz Hacken, Content editor

Business Reporters:

Eileen Ambrose, Personal finance

Hanah Cho, Workplace issues and the mutual fund and energy industries

Edward Gunts, Growth and development

Jay Hancock, Columnist

Jamie Smith Hopkins, Housing market and the regional economy

Liz F. Kay, Consumer issues and breaking news

Gus G. Sentementes, Technology

Lorraine Mirabella, Commercial real estate and growth and development

Andrea Walker, Retail: local and small business


Dave Rosenthal, Head of The Good Life and Entertainment

Michelle Deal-Zimmerman, Content editor

Kim Walker, Content editor

Life Reporters:

Kelly Brewington, Health

Meredith Cohn, Green living

Mike Dresser, Transportation

Susan Reimer, Columnist, and home and garden

Jill Rosen, Pets and general assignment

Timothy B. Wheeler, Environment


Tim Swift, Arts and entertainment editor

Sarah Kelber, Food and books editor

Amanda Krotki, Entertainment content editor

Rebecca Hyler, Events coordinator

Lori Sears, Arts and entertainment coordinator

Sam Sessa, Entertainment content editor

Entertainment Reporters:

Chris Kaltenbach, General assignment

Rob Kasper, Food columnist

Erik Maza, Local entertainment

Mary Carole McCauley, Fine arts and theater

Tim Smith, Classical music and fine arts

Michael Sragow, Movies and local film

Laura Vozzella, Food and eating

John-John Williams IV, Fashion and pop culture

David Zurawik, Television, radio and local media

Maryland Voices:

Andrew Green, Head of Maryland Voices

Michael Cross-Barnet, Deputy opinion editor

Peter Jensen, Editorial writer

Glenn McNatt, Editorial writer

Dan Rodricks, Columnist

Audience Engagement:

Pete Sweigard, Director of audience engagement

Carla Correa, Deputy director of audience engagement

Nancy Knight, Community coordinator

Dean Jones, Community coordinator - Sports


Jay Judge, Head of visuals

Lauren Custer, Director of interactive design

Patrick Maynard, Web producer

Michael Workman, Deputy director of interactive design

Christine Fellenz, Interactive designer/cartographer


Robert Hamilton, Directory of photography

Jerry Jackson, Senior picture editor

Amy Davis, Photographer

Karl Merton Ferron, Photographer

Lloyd Fox, Photographer

Barbara Haddock Taylor, Photographer

Kim Hairston, Photographer

Kenneth K. Lam, Photographer

Algerina Perna, Photographer

Jed Kirschbaum, Photographer

Gene Sweeney Jr., Photographer


Steve Sullivan, Director of multimedia

Leeann Adams, Video editor

Christopher T. Assaf, Video editor

Kevin Richardson, Multimedia/interactive art director

Night content and production:

John McIntyre, Head of night content and production

Steve Young, News editor

Derrick Barker, Assistant news editor/pagination

Copy desk:

Phillip Klinedinst, Copy desk chief

Jerry Bayne, Copy editor

Alverta Conyers, Copy editor

Mark Fleming, Copy editor

Connie Knox, Copy editor

Jeffrey Landaw, Copy editor

Design desk:

Anthony Conroy, Design director

Peter Dishal, Design editor

Elizabeth Hoffman, Design editor

Scott Ponemone, Design editor


Samuel C. Davis, Assistant managing editor, budget and administration

Carol Ann Julian, Assistant chief librarian

Paul McCardell, Research librarian

Jeff Bill, Newsroom technology manager

Rosanna Uranachek, Newsroom administrator

Elaine Nichols, Newsroom administrator

More to come, so check back periodically.