FIRST PRELIMINARY NOTE: Just in case you haven't seen it yet, the link at the end of this paragraph is to the exact message for this important project for humanity that the Notable and Distinguished Lovers of Humanity in the world who are listed below have recieved:
The Exact Copy Of My Message Being Sent To Everyone

SECOND PRELIMINARY NOTE: This is the link back to the page that has the links to the six different growing lists, which include this one. I send a lot of messages each day and then within 48 hours add each of those to the appropriate list. I started on September 7, 2010 and, for the sake of humanity, it is an ongoing 7-days-a-week endeavor for me:
The Page With The Links To Six Different Lists

If you are looking for yourself, your company, someone else, or some specific word or words, using the "FIND" feature that I think every web page has makes it very easy.

Richard Branson (Creator of the Virgin Group and a supporter of many causes to help humanity and our planet)
(I sent him the message on 9/7/2010)

Ted Danson, Actor (When he was taking his daughters to the beach one day, almost 25 years ago, and because it was closed due to pollution he got inspired to get involved as an activist with such pollution and co-founded the American Oceans Campaign, which merged in 2001 with the international marine-conservation group Oceana)
(I sent him the message on 9/11/2010)

Carlos Santana (A great guitar playing musician, singer, and composer for many decades who established The Milagro Foundation in 1998 to make a huge difference in the lives of children around the world by making grants to community based tax-exempt organizations around the world that work with children in the areas of education, health and the arts. A great part of the funding for all of this is generated by his concert ticket sales and his Santana licensed products.)
(I sent him the message on 9/18/2010)

Ted Turner (Founder of CNN, Founder and Chairman of the United Nations Foundation, the Turner Foundation, the Better World Fund, the Captain Planet Foundation, the Nuclear Threat Initiative, the Turner Endangered Species Fund, the Energy Future Coalition, and probably other things)
(I sent him the message on 9/7/2010 and 9/22/2010)

More people will continue to be added, so check back periodically.