FIRST PRELIMINARY NOTE: Just in case you haven't seen it yet, the link at the end of this paragraph is to the exact message for this important project for humanity that the Johns Hopkins University people who are listed below have recieved:
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SECOND PRELIMINARY NOTE: This is the link back to the page that has the links to the six different growing lists, which include this one. I send a lot of messages each day and then within 48 hours add each of those to the appropriate list. I started on September 7, 2010 and, for the sake of humanity, it is an ongoing 7-days-a-week endeavor for me:
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If you are looking for yourself, someone else, your company, some department, or some specific word or words, using the "FIND" feature that I think every web page has makes it very easy.


Ronald J. Daniels, President, The Johns Hopkins University

Lloyd B. Minor, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Daniel G. Ennis, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration

Edward D. Miller, M.D., CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine and Vice President for Medicine

Michael C. Eicher, Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations

Stephen S. Dunham, Vice President and General Counsel

Michael Strine, Vice President for Finance and Treasurer

Thomas S. Lewis, Vice President for Government and Community Affairs

Charlene Moore Hayes, Vice President for Human Resources

Jerome David Schnydman, Secretary of the Board of Trustees

Paula P. Burger, Vice Provost

Michela Gallagher, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Edgar E. Roulhac, Vice Provost for Academic Services

Jonathan A. Bagger, Vice Provost for Graduate and Post-doctoral Programs and Special Projects

Stephanie L. Reel, Vice Provost for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

Scott L. Zeger, Vice Provost for Research

Caroline Laguerre-Brown, Vice Provost for Institutional Equity

Pamela Cranston, Vice Provost for International Programs

Gregory S. Oler, Controller

Larry Kilduff, Executive Director of Facilities

Francis X. Bossle, Executive Director of Internal Audits

Brian B. Dembeck, Executive Director of Real Estate

Kathryn J. Crecelius, Chief Investment Officer

Jessica P. Einhorn, Dean of the School of Advanced International Studies

Katherine S. Newman, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences

Yash P. Gupta, Dean of the Carey Business School

Mariale Hardiman, Interim Dean of the School of Education

Nicholas P. Jones, Dean of the School of Engineering

Martha Hill, Dean of the School of Nursing

Jeffrey Sharkey, Director of the Peabody Institute

Michael J. Klag, Dean of the School of Public Health

Winston Tabb, Dean of University Libraries and Museums

Ralph Semmel, Director of Applied Physics Laboratory

More to come, so check back periodically.