On September 7, 2010, at 2:10 A.M. here in Baltimore, I sent the very first message. All of the Earth Policy Institute people who are listed here were individually sent the message by E-Mail. More to come, so check back periodically.

Here are the links back to my message and the six different list categories:
The Exact Copy Of My Message Being Sent To Everyone

The Page With The Links To Six Different Lists

If you are looking for yourself, someone else, your company, some department, or some specific word or words, using the "FIND" feature that I think every web page has makes it very easy.

Lester R. Brown, Founder and President

Reah Janise Kauffman, co-founder and Vice President

Janet Larsen, Director of Research

Millicent Johnson, Manager of Publications Sales and Assistant Treasurer

J. Matthew Roney, Staff Researcher

Alexandra Giese, Staff Researcher

Kristina Taylor, Web Communications Coordinator

Board Members:

Judith Gradwohl, Chairman

William Mansfield

Scott McVay

Raisa Scriabine

Hamid Taravaty

Jeremy Waletzky

More to come, so check back periodically.