On September 7, 2010, at 2:10 A.M. here in Baltimore, I sent the very first message. All of the CNN News people and shows who are listed here were individually sent the message by E-Mail. More to come, so check back periodically.

Here are the links back to my message and the six different list categories:
The Exact Copy Of My Message Being Sent To Everyone

The Page With The Links To Six Different Lists

If you are looking for yourself, someone else, your company, some department, or some specific word or words, using the "FIND" feature that I think every web page has makes it very easy.


Jim Walton (President of CNN Worldwide)

Ken Jautz (Executive Vice President of CNN Worldwide)

Susan M. Bunda (Executive Vice President of content development and strategy for CNN Worldwide)

Greg D'Alba (Executive Vice President and chief operating officer of CNN Advertising Sales

Jonathan Davies (Executive Vice President of CNN International News Advertising Sales)

Richard Davis (CNN's Executive Vice president of News Standards and Practices)

Susan Grant (Executive Vice President of CNN News Services)

Katherine Green (Senior Vice President of programming for CNN International)

Cynthia Hudson (Senior Vice President & general manager of CNN en Español and Hispanic strategy for CNN/U.S.)

Parisa Khosravi (Senior Vice President of international newsgathering for CNN Worldwide)

Jonathan Klein (President of CNN/U.S.)

Nancy Lane (Senior Vice President of editorial for CNN/U.S.)

Tony Maddox (Executive Vice President and managing director of CNN International


Carl Azuz (Anchor of CNN Student News)

Paul Begala (Democratic strategist who serves as a political contributor)

Wolf Blitzer (The Situation Room)

Gloria Borger (senior political analyst)

Donna Brazile (CNN political contributor and Democratic strategist)

Jack Cafferty (provides commentary and insight for The Situation Room)

James Carville (Democratic strategist and political contributor)

Kiran Chetry (anchors American Morning with John Roberts)

Anderson Cooper (host of Anderson Cooper 360)

Candy Crowley (chief political correspondent and anchor of State of the Union with Candy Crowley)

Dr. Sanjay Gupta (chief medical correspondent for the Health, Medical & Wellness unit)

Tony Harris (CNN Newsroom with Tony Harris)

T.J. Holmes (anchors the weekend morning edition of CNN Newsroom)

John King (chief national correspondent and anchor of John King, USA)

Larry King (host of Larry King Live)

Howard Kurtz (host of Reliable Sources)

Don Lemon (anchor of CNN Newsroom during weekend prime-time)

Roland S. Martin (contributor and member of the Best Political Team on Television)

Mary Matalin (Republican strategist and political contributor)

Jeanne Moos (national news correspondent)

Soledad O’Brien (anchor and special correspondent who is also part of the Best Political Team on Television)

Kyra Phillips (one of the anchors of the CNN Newsroom)

John Roberts (anchor of American Morning with Kiran Chetry)

Christine Romans (host of Your $$$$)

Rafael Romo (Senior Latin American Affairs Editor of CNN Worldwide)

Rick Sanchez (anchor of Rick’s List)

Jeffrey Toobin (senior analyst for CNN Worldwide)

Ali Velshi (chief business correspondent and host of Your $$$$)

Fredricka Whitfield (news anchor for CNN/U.S.)

Fareed Zakaria (host of Fareed Zakaria -- GPS, which stands for “Global Public Square”)


Juan Carlos Arciniegas (producer and correspondent for Escenario, CNN en Español's half-hour news show dedicated to covering the latest in the world of entertainment)

Carmen Aristegui (anchor of Aristegui, CNN en Español's new talk show)

Diego Bustos (senior sports anchor for CNN en Español and presents Deportes CNN, and Vive el Golf)

Ismael Cala (presentador y productor de CNN en Español)

Javier Doberti (correspondent for CNN en Español in Buenos Aires, specializing in reports for Deportes CNN)

Carolina Escobar (anchor for En Familia, half-hour program of the network that serves as a guide to parents)

Gabriela Frias (business anchor for CNN en Español, the host of En Efectivo, the network's personal finance show)

Patricia Janiot (senior anchor for CNN en Español and serves as the advisor to the executive vice president and general manager of the network)

Josi Levy (chief correspondent for CNN en Español in the Middle East)

Juan Carlos López (correspondent for CNN en Español in Washington D.C.)

Ana María Montero (anchor and correspondent for CNN en Español. She is the host of the network’s entertainment show, Escenario, and is based in Los Angeles, California)

Carlos Montero (news anchor for CNN en Español and is the weekday presenter of Al Día, the first look at the day's developing stories)

Alberto Padilla (financial and business news anchor for CNN en Español, and runs the "Economía y Finanzas" newscast, the only daily TV financial news show in Spanish in Latin America)

Claudia Palacios (is a CNN en Español news anchor and presents Mirador Mundial, the network's weekend newscast)

Sasha Rionda (host of Detalles con Sasha, the network's monthly primetime program that brings viewers the latest trends in architecture, design, fashion and lifestyles)


Ivan Cabrera (meteorologist and weather anchor for CNN International, based in Atlanta)

Jennifer Delgado (meteorologist and weather anchor for CNN International, based in Atlanta)

Jenny Harrison (weather anchor for CNN International's three-hour rolling news program CNN Today as well as Business International)

Jacqui Jeras (meteorologist and weather anchor for CNN Worldwide, based in Atlanta)

Rob Marciano (news and weather anchor for CNN Worldwide and is based in Atlanta)

Lola Martinez (weather anchor for CNN International's World Weather service, based in Atlanta)

Chad Myers (weather anchor and severe weather expert for CNN Worldwide based in Atlanta)

Mari Ramos (weather anchor for CNN International based in Atlanta. She presents weather segments on Business International, World News Asia, World News and Your World Today)

Reynolds Wolf (meteorologist and correspondent for CNN Worldwide, based in Atlanta)


Brooke Anderson (CNN Entertainment Correspondent and co-host of HLN’s Showbiz Tonight)

Joy Behar (host of HLN's The Joy Behar Show)

Richelle Carey (weekday anchor for HLN, and hosts What Matters on HLN and CNN)

Joe Carter (news reporter and weekend sports anchor for HLN)

Natasha Curry (anchor for HLN)

Mike Galanos (host of Prime News on HLN)

Nancy Grace (host of the Nancy Grace legal analysis program on HLN)

A.J. Hammer (host of HLN's Showbiz Tonight show on Headline Prime)

Susan Hendricks (a weekend anchor for HLN)

Clark Howard (money coach host of the Clark Howard show on HLN)

Robin Meade (anchor of HLN's Morning Express with Robin Meade)

Christi Paul (news anchor for HLN)

Bob Van Dillen (morning meteorologist for HLN)

Jane Velez-Mitchell (hosts Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchel)

Rafer Weigel (sports anchor for HLN's Morning Express with Robin Meade)

Jennifer Westhoven (personal finance anchor on the Morning Express with Robin Meade)


Becky Anderson (anchor and correspondent who presents Connect The World)

Guillermo Arduino (international weather anchor and host of CNN World Report)

Justin Armsden (sports anchor and correspondent)

Terry Baddoo (sports anchor for World Sport)

Errol Barnett (correspondent, anchor of World Report, host of iReport for CNN)

Pauline Chiou (correspondent, anchor of World Report, co-host of World Business Today)

Rosemary Church (anchor of Your World Today)

Jim Clancy (anchor of The Brief)

Anna Coren (anchor of WORLD REPORT)

Max Foster (anchor and correspondent)

Kate Giles (presents World Sport programme from London)

Hala Gorani (reporter, and anchor of International Desk)

Charles Hodson (anchor of World Business Today)

Michael Holmes (anchor and correspondent, host of BackStory)

Maggie Lake (correspondent, anchor of World Business Today, provides market coverage for Quest Means Business)

Jonathan Mann (correspondent, anchor of World Report, hosts Political Mann)

Colleen McEdwards (anchor of World Business Today)

Mark McKay (anchor and reporter of World Sport)

Asieh Namdar (anchor, provides reports and analysis of international news on CNN/U.S, writer for HLN)

Pedro Pinto (sports anchor, covering sport across the European continent)

Richard Quest (anchor & correspondent, his regular programmes include CNN Business & Quest Means Business)

Monita Rajpal (a CNN news anchor on World News, based in London)

Anjali Rao (correspondent for CNN International, anchor of CNN’s WORLD REPORT, based in Hong Kong)

Candy Reid (sports anchor for CNN International, anchor for World Sport, based in Atlanta)

Don Riddell (co-presenter of CNN Today and World News with Zain Verjee, based in London)

Nic Robertson (Senior International Correspondent for CNN)

Shirley Robertson (presents CNN International’s Main Sail leisure, travel, technology and business aspects of sailing show, based in London)

Rafael Romo (Senior Latin American Affairs Editor of CNN Worldwide, based in Atlanta)

Richard Roth (CNN's senior U.N. correspondent, based in New York)

Isha Sesay (CNN International reporter, anchors the 1000 ET / 1500 GMT edition of International Desk, hosts and reports for Inside Africa, based in Atlanta)

Patrick Snell (sports correspondent who covers the major sporting news and events for CNN's international and domestic programming, based in Atlanta)

Andrew Stevens (correspondent, co-anchor of CNN’s WORLD BUSINESS TODAY, based in Hong Kong)

Kristie Lu Stout (anchor/correspondent for CNN International, hosts World Report, based in Hong Kong)

Fionnuala Sweeney (correspondent for CNN, anchors both World One and International Correspondents, based in London)

Alex Thomas (sports correspondent and anchor with CNN International, covers World Sport show and CNNI’s news and business programmes, based in London)

Ralitsa Vassileva (anchors World Report for CNN International, based in Atlanta)

Zain Verjee (anchor of World News, based in London)

Ben Wedeman (CNN’s senior international correspondent, based in Cairo, Egypt)


Greg Black (news anchor for CNN Radio)

Bill Caiaccio (morning news anchor for 2,000 CNNRadio affiliates, based in Atlanta)

Stan Case (news anchor, film critic and celebrity interviewer for CNNRadio Network, anchors for Headline News, based in Atlanta)

Paul Chambers (anchor and entertainment editor for CNNRadio Network, writes, voices and produces On Screen, based in Atlanta)

Bob Costantini (CNN Radio Network Washington correspondent, covers Capitol Hill, the White House, and the political game)

Lisa Desjardins (Capitol Hill correspondent for CNNRadio)

Steve Kastenbaum (correspondent for CNN Radio, based in New York)

Amanda Moyer (national correspondent and coordinating producer for CNNRadio, based in Atlanta)

Jim Ribble (anchor and editor for CNNRadio)

Jim Roope (Los Angeles correspondent for CNNRadio Network)

Dick Uliano (CNNRadio Network correspondent, reports on news from the White House, Pentagon, State Department and other government agencies)


Atia Abawi (international correspondent for CNN, based in Kabul)

Jim Acosta (correspondent for CNN's American Morning, based in Washington, D.C)

Brooke Baldwin (correspondent and anchor for CNN, works on Rick’s List with anchor Rick Sanchez, based in in Atlanta)

Dana Bash (CNN's senior congressional correspondent, member of the Best Political Team on Television, based in Washington, D.C.)

Jim Bittermann (CNN's senior European correspondent, based in Paris)

Phil Black (London-based news correspondent for CNN International)

Kate Bolduan (general assignment correspondent for CNN, based in Washington, D.C.)

Abbie Boudreau (investigative correspondent for CNN’s Special Investigations and Documentary unit, based in Atlanta)

Jim Boulden (correspondent for CNN's international programming, covers business and news stories, based in London)

Susan Candiotti (national correspondent for CNN, based in New York)

Jason Carroll (national correspondent for CNN, contributor to American Morning on CNN/U.S., based in New York)

Matthew Chance (CNN's senior international correspondent, based in Moscow)

Emily Chang (CNN correspondent, based in Beijing)

Allan Chernoff (CNN Senior Correspondent specializing in personal finance and business affairs)

Alina Cho (national correspondent for CNN, contributor to American Morning on CNN/U.S.)

Elizabeth Cohen (senior medical correspondent for CNN's Health, Medical and Wellness unit)

Carol Costello (contributor to American Morning, based in Washington, D.C.)

Robyn Curnow (correspondent for CNN, based in Johannesburg, South Africa)

Arwa Damon (CNN's Jakarta-based correspondent covering stories from Indonesia and the surrounding region)

Shasta Darlington (international correspondent for CNN, based in Havana, Cuba)

Jill Dougherty (foreign affairs correspondent for CNN, based in Washington, D.C.)

Stephanie Elam (CNN business news correspondent, her reports are seen on CNN/U.S., Headline News, CNN International and American Morning)

Sandra Endo (national correspondent for CNN Newsource based in Washington, D.C.)

Carter Evans (national correspondent for CNN Newsource's Money Matters, based in New York)

Deb Feyerick (specializes in international terrorism, criminal justice and law enforcement, based in New York)

Jaime A. FlorCruz (CNN's Beijing Bureau Chief and correspondent, responsible for news coverage of China)

Tom Foreman (journalist who reports for Anderson Cooper 360° and The Situation Room, based in Washington, D.C.)

Al Goodman (CNN's Madrid bureau chief and executive producer for CNN en Español)

Stan Grant (CNN's United Arab Emirates correspondent, based in Abu Dhabi)

Drew Griffin (correspondent for the investigative unit of CNN/U.S., based in Atlanta)

Thelma Gutierrez (CNN correspondent, based in Los Angeles)

Paula Hancocks (international correspondent for CNN, based in Jerusalem)

Poppy Harlow (anchor for, reports for on CNN, CNN International, and HLN)

Samantha Hayes (national correspondent for CNN Newsource, based in Washington, D.C.)

Ed Henry (CNN's senior White House correspondent, based in Washington, D.C.)

Sasha Herriman (international anchor and reporter, based in London)

Joe Johns (congressional correspondent, reports on government accountability, waste&fraud for Anderson Cooper 360)

Mallika Kapur (CNN’s Mumbai-based international correspondent who covers news stories in South Asia)

Randi Kaye (anchor and correspondent for CNN/U.S, based in New York City)

Brianna Keilar (congressional correspondent, responsible for covering the activities of both the U.S. House & Senate)

Kyung Lah (CNN's Tokyo-based international correspondent)

Ed Lavandera (a correspondent for CNN based in the Dallas bureau)

Chris Lawrence (a Pentagon correspondent for CNN)

Dan Lothian (White House correspondent, reporting on the activities of President Barack Obama & his administration)

Amber Lyon (a general assignment correspondent based in CNN’s Headquarters in Atlanta, GA)

Nkepile Mabuse (a correspondent for CNN based at the network's bureau in Johannesburg, South Africa)

Rima Maktabi (presents CNN’s Inside the Middle East programme & is anchor * correspondent for the Middle East)

Suzanne Malveaux (White House correspondent, primary substitute anchor for The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer)

David Mattingly (CNN national correspondent based in the network’s Atlanta headquarters)

David McKenzie (a correspondent for CNN International based in Nairobi, Kenya)

Jeanne Meserve (Washington, D.C.-based correspondent for CNN, covering homeland security for the network)

Paula Newton (international security correspondent based in London, responsible for global terrorism and anti-terrorism measures)

Karl Penhaul (video correspondent based out of Bogotá, Colombia, instantly captures breaking news this way)

Cal Perry (international correspondent for CNN based in the network’s Beirut bureau)

Kitty Pilgrim (New York-based correspondent for CNN Business News, produces business news for CNN/U.S., CNN International, Headline News, CNN Airport Network, CNNRadio, and the Web site CNN/Money. Pilgrim serves as a regular correspondent for Lou Dobbs Tonight)

Frederik Pleitgen (Berlin correspondent for CNN)

Christian Purefoy (a Lagos-based correspondent for CNN)

Dan Rivers (correspondent for CNN International, based in the network’s Bangkok bureau. He covers news and business stories from across South East Asia)

Ted Rowlands (a general assignment correspondent for CNN/U.S. Based in Los Angeles, he has covered several high profile criminal cases for the network)

Reza Sayah (is CNN’s Pakistan-based international correspondent responsible for covering Pakistan and surrounding countries in South Asia)

Atika Shubert (a CNN correspondent based in London. She is responsible for covering general news in the UK and other regional assignments)

Sara Sidner (is CNN’s New Delhi-based international correspondent and is responsible for the network’s coverage of India and South Asia)

Dan Simon (a correspondent for CNN based in CNN's San Francisco bureau)

Mary Snow (a New York-based correspondent for CNN's The Situation Room)

Barbara Starr (a Pentagon correspondent for CNN, based in the network's Washington, D.C., bureau. Starr provides viewers with the latest news each day from the Pentagon regarding the war in Afghanistan and other national security matters)

Lisa Sylvester (is the cut-in news anchor and correspondent for The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer)

Brian Todd (a correspondent for CNN, providing reports for The Situation Room. Based in Washington, D.C., He has contributed to the network's comprehensive "America Votes 2008" coverage)

Gary Tuchman (a CNN national correspondent based in Atlanta)

Bill Tucker (correspondent for CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight. He rejoined CNN in May 2003 and is a New York-based correspondent)

John Vause (CNN's senior international correspondent based in Beijing, he has covered some of the biggest stories in China and beyond, most notably the Sichuan Earthquake)

Michael Ware (correspondent based in the international news network’s Baghdad bureau. One of the foremost on air experts on Iraq, providing in-depth analysis and reports across all CNN networks)

Ivan Watson (CNN's correspondent based in Istanbul, Turkey)

Kareen Wynter (an entertainment correspondent for CNN/U.S. Based in CNN’s Los Angeles bureau)

Jessica Yellin (a national political correspondent based in Washington, D.C., tasked with reporting on the most important stories on politics, policy and culture for such programs as The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer and Campbell Brown: No Bias, No Bull)

Eunice Yoon (CNN’s Asia Business Editor. Based at the network’s regional headquarters in Hong Kong, Yoon is responsible for business news coverage across the Asia-Pacific region, offering live analysis and commentary for CNN’s WORLD REPORT and WORLD BUSINESS TODAY programs)

John Zarrella (CNN's Miami correspondent, responsible for CNN's coverage of news in Florida and the Caribbean)


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