On September 7, 2010, at 2:10 A.M. here in Baltimore, I sent the very first message. All of the AP--Associated Press people, departments, and shows who are listed here were individually sent the message by E-Mail. More to come, so check back periodically.

Here are the links back to my message and the six different list categories:
The Exact Copy Of My Message Being Sent To Everyone

The Page With The Links To Six Different Lists

If you are looking for yourself, someone else, your company, some department, or some specific word or words, using the "FIND" feature that I think every web page has makes it very easy.

AP Broadcast (Radio)

Broadcast News Center Contacts

AP Broadcast Senior Management:

Greg Groce, Director of Planning and Analysis

Lee Perryman, Deputy Director of Broadcast Division and Director of Broadcast Technology

Denise Vance, International Manager of the Americas for APTN

Kevin Roach, Director of U.S. Broadcast News

Thomas Callahan, General Manager AP Radio

Mike Palmer, Director of Broadcast Digital Distribution Systems and Strategy

Montrese Garner-Sampson, Human Resources Manager

John Phillips, Financial Planning Director

Dave Gwizdowski, Director, Broadcast Markets, the Americas

Bill Burke, Global Director, Online Video Products

Newsroom Management:

Ed Tobias, Assistant Managing Editor/Newsgathering

Jackie Bsharah, Acting Assistant Managing Editor/ Radio

Barbara Worth, Assistant Managing Editor/News

Micah Gelman, Assistant Executive Producer of Online Video


Lee Perryman, Deputy Director of Broadcast Division and Director of Broadcast Technology

Andy Wormser, Manager, Technology Operations

Content Delivery:

Paul Caluori, Director, AP Technology

Senior Management Team:

Greg Groce, Director of Business Operations and Development

Lee Perryman, Deputy Director Broadcast Services Director, Broadcast Technology

Montrese Garner-Sampson, Director, Human Resources

John Phillips, Director, Financial Planning


Barbara Worth, Assistant Managing Editor/ News Wires

Mark Hamrick, Business Editor

Michael Weinfeld, Entertainment Editor

Steve Coleman, Religion Editor

Phil Avner, Director of Development

Lou Pagan, Broadcast Project Manager

The Executive Team (AP Television News):

Daisy Veerasingham, Senior Vice President for Business Development and Partner Relations for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Asia

Nigel Baker, Vice President of AP's Business Operations in Europe, Middle East and Asia

Sandy MacIntyre, Director of News

AP Associated Press:

Paul Colford, Director of Media Relations

Jack Stokes, Manager of Media Relations

AP News Features:

New York:

Jerry Schwartz, Editor

Chris Sullivan, Deputy Editor

David Crary, National Writer, Family and Relationships

Adam Geller, National Writer

Helen O'Neill, National Writer

Rachel Zoll, National Writer, Religion


Sharon Cohen, National Writer

Martha Irvine, National Writer, Young Readers


Eric Gorski, National Writer, Higher Education


Jesse Washington, National Writer, Race Relations


Pauline Arrillaga
, National Writer

Raleigh, N.C.:

Allen G. Breed, National Writer

AP Business News:

New York:

Hal Ritter, Business Editor

Chuck Hawkins, Deputy Business Editor

Donna Weston, Assistant Business Editor

Matt Fordahl, Assistant Business Editor

Kevin Shinkle, Assistant Business Editor

Brad Foss, Assistant Business Editor

Nicoletta Ratti, News Editor, Spot

Jeff Sutherland, News Editor, Spot

Joyce Rosenberg, Team leader, Money

Paul Harloff, Team leader, Transportation/Energy

Trevor Delaney, Team leader, Personal Finance

Brian Bergstein, Team leader, Technology/Media

Fred Monyak, Team leader, Economy

Michael A. Lee, Team leader, Retail

David Brinkerhoff, Team leader, Autos

Trevor Delaney, Team leader, Personal Finance

John Sparks, Team leader, Money & Markets

Summer Moore, Administrative Assistant

Spot News Editors:

Jennifer Malloy, manager

Skip Wollenberg, day supervisor

Cate Chapman

Dan Scheraga

Dorothea Degen

Paul Curcio

Philana Patterson

Charles Sheehan

Richard (Jake) Jacobsen, evening supervisor

Tali Arbel, EA

Erin Conroy, EA
Financial Impact editors:

Matt Ott

Dibbs Sarkar

Money & Markets Team:

Stan Choe

Shaila Dani

Kristen Girard

Liz Gramling

Chip Cutter

Money Team:

Seth Sutel, Deputy editor

Stephen Bernard

Stevenson Jacobs

Tim Paradis

Bernard Condon

Alex Veiga

Personal Finance Team:

Dave Carpenter

Candice Choi

Eileen AJ Connelly

Mark Jewell

David Pitt

Jenni Sohn

Allen Chen

Janna Elphinstone

Technology/Media team:

Andy Wormser, Manager, Technology Operations

Content Delivery:

Paul Caluori, Director, AP Technology

Nick Jesdanun, Deputy editor

Mike Liedtke

Rachel Metz

Jessica Mintz

Barbara Ortutay

Jordan Robertson

Peter Svensson

Joelle Tessler

Andrew Vanacore

Ryan Nakashima

Deborah Yao

Economy Team:

Michael Sandler, Day supervisor

Jeannine Aversa

Rachel Beck

Marty Crutsinger

Chris Rugaber

Marcy Gordon

Alan Zibel

Daniel Wagner

Retail Team:

Laura Impellizzeri, Deputy editor

Mae Anderson

Anne D'Innocenzio

Ashley Heher

Emily Fredrix

Sarah Skidmore

Michelle Chapman

Health Care Team:

Linda Johnson

Tom Murphy

Matt Perrone

Marley Seaman

Damian Troise

Transportation/Energy Team:

Greg Stec, Deputy editor

Samantha Bomkamp

Josh Freed

Dave Koenig

Harry Weber

Sandy Shore

Mark Williams

Auto Team:

Dee-Ann Durbin

Bree Fowler

Tom Krisher

Steve Manning

Dan Strumpf

AP Lifestyles:

Lisa Tolin, Lifestyles Editor

J.M. Hirsch, Food

Samantha Critchell, Fashion/Beauty

Julia Rubin, Homes and Gardens/Special Editions

Beth Harpaz, Travel

Jocelyn Noveck, Culture

Ray Kugler, Video

Leanne Italie, Lifestyles reporter

Stace Maude, Photos

AP Entertainment:

General Event Media Advisories – Int’l.

Entertainment Film Coverage

Entertainment Music Coverage

Entertainment Television Coverage


Alicia Quarles, Global Entertainment Editor

Dolores Barclay, Arts Editor/East Coast Entertainment Editor

Steve Loeper, West Coast Entertainment Editor

Robert Merrill, Entertainment Editor Video

Dejan Jankovic, International Entertainment Photo Editor

Guin Smith, National Entertainment Photo Editor

Antonia Ball, Editor, International Entertainment Video Editor


New York:

Sigal Ratner-Arias, Spanish Entertainment Editor

Frazier Moore,Television Writer

David Bauder, Television Writer

Nekesa Moody, Music Writer/Editor

Carol Deegan, Entertainment Writer/Editor

Jake Coyle, Entertainment Writer

Hillel Italie, National Writer (Books/Publishing)

Los Angeles:

Lynn Elber, Television Writer

Anthony McCartney, Entertainment Writer/Celebrity Courts

Derrik Lang, Entertainment Writer/Reality TV/Video Games

Sandy Cohen, Entertainment Writer

Ryan Nakashima, Business Writer

John Rogers, Pop culture writer

David Germain, Movie Writer

Christy Lemire, Movie Critic

Edwin Tamara, Spanish Entertainment Writer


Chis Talbott, Entertainment Writer/Country Music

Caitlin King, Entertainment Writer


New York:

Jeff Christensen, Entertainment Editor/Photographer

Carolyn Lessard, Entertainment Editor

Los Angeles:

Matt Sayles, Entertainment Photographer

Delia Castillo, Entertainment Editor


New York:

Dana Schimmel, Producer/General Entertainment

John Carucci, Producer/General Entertainment

Nicole Evatt, Producer/General Entertainment

Lauri Neff, Producer/General Entertainment

Mesfin Fekadu, Producer/General Entertainment

Los Angeles:

Michael Cidoni, Senior Producer/Film & TV

Natalie Rotman,Producer/General Entertainment

Marcela Isaza, Producer/Music & Fashion


Antonia Ball, Editor, International Entertainment/Video

Louise Dixon, Producer/General Entertainment

Hong Kong:

Tony Liao, Producer/Asia Entertainment

Min Lee, Entertainment Writer


Los Angeles:

Rosalie Fox, Radio/General Entertainment

Washington DC:

Michael Weinfeld, Radio/General Entertainment

Margie Szaroleta, Radio/Rock, Pop, Alternative Music

Myra Lopez, Radio/Country Music

AP Sports:

Terry Taylor, Sports Editor

Mary Byrne, Deputy Sports Editor

Eddie Pells, National Writer

Ron Blum, Baseball, Sports Business

Tim Dahlberg, Columnist

Doug Ferguson, Golf

Howard Fendrich, Tennis writer

Dave Goldberg
, Football, NFL

Mike Harris, Motor sports

Jim Litke, Sports Columnist

Jim O'Connell, College Basketball

Richard Rosenblatt, Horse Racing

Ralph Russo, College Football Writer

Brian Mahoney, NBA Basketball

Barry Wilner, NFL Football, Skating

More to come, so check back periodically.